A Quick and Upfront Review of Brad Callen’s SEO LinkVine

As an internet marketer, of course you need to make sure people can find your websites, easily purchase your products, or hire you for your services. If your marketing model includes search engine marketing, then you’ll need solid SEO practices and backlinks. Of course, good SEO campaigns and link building efforts can take quite a bit of time. So Brad Callen, creator of SEOLinkVine, set-out to tackle this issue. This software’s sole purpose involves improved time management and backlink creating capabilities. Well, are you wondering if it can stand-up to all the hype is’s receiving?

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SEOLinkVine has outstanding content spinning and web syndication power, but there was another feature that caught our eyes. It’s the stats program/functions that really blew us away. Normally with software of this kind you create your articles, submit them and then hope for the best. But you really have no way of knowing if the software performed well unless you want to start verifying everything by hand. However, SEOLinkVine has monitoring built into it. This software will let you see how your articles are doing their jobs, and you can check for the number of SEOLinkVine that are linking back to your sites. We do not think you’ll find many programs providing this level of monitoring for your content. This is a tremendous savings of your time. According to Brad’s website, you just write your article/content and then put it into the SEOLinkVine software. After that, the program takes over and will do what it’s suppose to do. There’s still some work you have to do such as writing your articles, SEOLinkVine doesn’t do absolutely everything.

When you write, you’ll have to use the proper tags so the content spinner can spin uniquely. Then, be sure to make your submissions to the correct categories in the system. The authors make it very clear that while the software will take care of a lot of the work; it won’t do all of the work for you. If you are set on improving your results in the search engines and internet marketing itself, then I would also suggest that you check out Maverick Money Makers, a ground-breaking fresh item!

In our opinions, the content editor is tops and truly well-done. If you want, you can add effects to your content such as font changes, italics, or bolding. That is not possible with a lot of software apps, plus you can add emphasis to your content for greater effect. So you’ll be able to inject your own voice and personality into your content. So that’s an added bit of extra value that you won’t always get with other software. You may think you’ve seen almost all there is to see, if you’ve been marketing a while. Software that publishes articles or content is nothing new in IM, we all know that. Obviously, no promises of instant riches… you know – you standing next to your Ferrari in the pic.

In fact, the creators are pretty up front that you have to do a fair amount of work yourself if you truly want to benefit from this software. But if you are willing to put in the work and use this software correctly, there is no reason your own business shouldn’t grow by leaps and bounds!

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