Common Link Building Mistakes Are Easy To Make

Link Building

Anyone can start a website today and thousands are created every single day. Of course, everyone doesn’t get the traffic that they expect. This is because it takes more than just a website on the net to get visitors to it.

One way of getting traffic is through SEO link building, which is done when you search for sites within your topic and place one of your URL’s on that site so it leads back to your own.

There are some successful link builders out there but the majority don’t do it right. So, what sets apart the successful websites from the ones that try but get no results? The techniques and work ethic is what will separate you from the failures. Simply, if you are building spammy, unnatural links that the search engines don’t like then you are wasting your time because you won’t get any traffic that way.

Powerful backlinking is easier than most people believe it to be, your only job is to include your URL to relevant and reputable site at a slow and steady speed and keep doing it. Trying to speed up the process will only bring more harm than good. If you want to be one of the successful link builders then listen to what follows.
If your objective is to build a long term business on the web, one that gives a high return on investment, then don’t take link building lightly. The majority of people spread their links to whatever places accepts them: YouTube, blogs, and forums. Basically, the search engines will quickly find out when you are spamming because they are programmed to detect such activities. So there’s nothing great in blasting your link out to these big sites in the hope of getting instant ranking. It is easy to fall into the spamming trap but those techniques don’t work in this day and age.

Another mistake that you should stay away from is buying links. Of course, high Page Rank links can get you top rankings. These types of links are very expensive and leased out for up to prices ranging for a few hundred to several thousand per year to get a link on their sites. The results don’t justify the price by a long shot. It is easy to conclude that these types of backlinks can work wonders for your site when you see it climbing in the search engines in a matter of hours. The saturation is killing the whole idea as Google traces such links down and penalizes them, so don’t make this mistake. Your goal now should be to build links at a reasonable speed to pages that are related to your own.

Avoid rushing through the link building process because you will make simple mistakes like misspelling your anchor text.

Also, text links with anchor text carry more weight than image links. Image links work good for bringing in traffic but for SEO they don’t work as well as text links with keyword anchor text.

Finally, I would like to tell you that link building is a very powerful SEO strategy that will give you a big advantage if done properly. Take the time to learn this stuff properly and your site will become unstoppable.

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